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Planning for an exhibition – Hox’s award-winning custom stand builders would stun your audience!

To conduct an exhibition, you need to put in a lot of time and effort. Because, by all means, you want the exhibition to be a success with the best exhibition stands!

Now, the criteria for success can differ from organization to organization; but it certainly has to do with attracting new customers and satisfying old ones. So what would you do?

What do you do if you want your exhibition to be successful?

There are a couple of options.

First, you can go overboard and try to manage everything on your own; which will ultimately result in reduced focus on the areas that need most of your attention, e.g. spreading the words about your exhibition, attending more meetings to make your exhibition a success and developing better sales funnel to sell more.

Second, you can outsource it to an organization which has the required experience and expertise in organizing and conducting the exhibition for you.

Inexperienced entrepreneurs often choose the first option; because they want to do all by themselves so that they can save money. What they don’t realize that trying to save on conducting exhibition costs them a great deal of business.

On the other hand, experienced organizations realize that it’s better if they concentrate on what they do best and outsource everything else to an expert organization.

Hox can be your ideal outsourcing partner in helping you conduct a world-class exhibition

Here’s why.

Because Hox has an incredible team backing up their process of excellence!

They’re not only good at their craft; what they do is award winning and inspiring.

Let’s have a look at what they do well that can stun your audience –

  • Custom Stands: If custom stands don’t stand out during your exhibition, you will make fewer sales. It’s a linear equation which can set you apart from your competitors. Build better custom stands and you will have better prospects. Here’s why –
  • When your customers will roam around, this big custom stands (built as per your preference and requirements) would be the first things that should catch their eyes. It’s not pushing sales, rather pulling sales.
  • Custom stands are made in such a way that they would reflect who you are as a brand. Hence, it would be easier for you to pitch to a potential customer at your exhibition stands.
  • These customer stands are built for reuse. That means you can use them even after the exhibition is over. That means you can use these custom stands again and again to generate sales.
  • Hox is a world class company. Its unique combination of team and skill will help you stand out in the crowd. Their custom exhibition stands are outstanding and many big brands have already been using their custom-built stands and generating ten times more revenue.


  • Double Decker Stands: You need something else to make your potential customers mesmerized. Along with placing custom stands all around your exhibition, you can build double decker stands to wow your audience. They will just have a look and will fall in love with your brand. Hox has years of experience in building double-decker stands that will help you catapult your brand positioning to a new level. Hox’s award winning team will take care of the structural calculations, do the technical drawings, and manage the sprinkler systems and all other requirements. All you need to do is to leave the responsibility to Hox and you will be rest assured about the results you are trying to achieve.


  • Shell Scheme: If you want to emphasize on adorning a particular space, you need a shell scheme package. Shell scheme is a term used in exhibitions. A shell scheme is a space for the brands built by the organizers. This shell scheme is built by pre-erected stands and left for the brand owners to adorn the space. Many brand owners would like to adorn their space. If you want a big or small space at any exhibition, Hox would build a shell scheme for you. Hox has a load of experience in building custom exhibition stands, double-decker stands, and shell scheme exactly the way you want.

Here’s what you would get once you choose Hox as your exhibition partner

There are few things that help Hox stand out in the crowd –

  • Team: Hox’s team is multi-talented and creative. They have built, crafted, designed and articulated hundreds of projects till now. And in all of these, they were able to satisfy their clients to the maximum extent in making there exhibition stands


  • Blend of right brain and left brain: Hox stands out because Hox works both with logic and creativity. The core team at Hox believes that without having the blend of both of these, it would be impossible to achieve the success in clients’ terms.


  • Kaizen: “Kaizen” is a Japanese word which means “continuous improvement”. The team at Hox has been continuously learning and growing their knowledge base and skill level. Every project they finish, they learn. And in the very next project, they apply their learning. So from Hox, you will only get an unflinching commitment to get


  • Flexibility: Hox knows that every customer is different. That’s why they are very flexible in design, production and customer relationships. When you outsource the responsibility of your exhibition to Hox, know that it would be completely YOU-driven. Hox will understand what you need and follow through as per your requirement.

Your exhibition matters. So does your brand. When you want to combine these two and present something astounding to your customers, Hox is the first name you should remember in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Exhibition.

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