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8 Cool Ways to Get People to Visit Your Exhibition Stand

Driving guests to exhibition stand is no easy feat. It takes long hours of planning, careful attention to details, and a whole lot of creativity.

However, these days, it’s gotten more difficult to entice people to show up at these events. Why? Because it’s gotten old, repetitive, and boring. The same thing happens every time: guests collect a bunch of papers and useless giveaways throughout the event and throw them out after they leave.

So how can you get people to engage more with your exhibition stand? Here are eight fresh and cool ways to get people to visit!

  1. Take a trip with virtual reality

Virtual reality has been a rising craze in recent years. YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms are jumping in on the action, too. The great thing about virtual reality is that it lets viewers to overcome the literal and physical limitations of an exhibition stand. It allows them to immerse themselves in a world that triggers intriguing experiences while simultaneously learning about your products!

  1. Have fun with photo booths

Photo booths have immensely grown in popularity. They’re fun, interactive, and a great way to get people to visit your exhibition stand. Make sure to incorporate a brand-related frame on the photos. You can also upload them online through your company’s social media accounts or website. Consequently, people would have to go to your sites to retrieve their photos!

  1. Start some friendly competitions

People love competing. It’s a part of human nature. Thus, it is a great way to entice people to visit your booth. Remember to keep your competitions in line with your brand and product. Your booth games should not only be entertaining enough to keep guests engaged and invite new people but also communicate the selling proposition of what you’re promoting.

  1. Give freebies

Perhaps the number one reason why people visit exhibits is because of the giveaways. And that’s a good thing! Booths are a great way to promote your product and help people discover what you offer. Giving away samples of your product or service is a unique opportunity for potential customers to try out what you offer without making commitments. Furthermore, it’s a great incentive to drive people towards your exhibition stand.

  1. Think outside the box

When people think about exhibitions, they typically think of the classic four walls. It’s time to ditch that idea. Instead, show off your stand with a point of attraction and take your visitors on a journey. Optical illusions, unconventional yet creative stand shapes and outdoor stands are some great ideas for breaking out of the box.

  1. The (free) gift of knowledge

One of the most effective online lead generation techniques for B2B companies is sharing information for free. But who says this can’t be an effective tactic outside of cyberspace? Apply the same process. Get their data like name and email address and in exchange, give them the free gift of knowledge such as case studies, informative content, white paper, and reports. Of course, printed copies will depend on your budget but email works, too!

  1. Initiate social media contests

There is no better advertising than free advertising. Another great way to get people to engage with your booth is by initiating social media contests. Have them post their best photos of your exhibition stand for a chance to win a prize. Not only is this an easy way to join a contest but it helps you get the word out there through their networks!

  1. Donate to charity

Instead of giving away useless freebies, why not set a budget to donate to charity? Invite people to visit your exhibition stands and for every guest sign in, the company pledges to donate a certain amount to your chosen charity. What better way to invite people to visit your booth than helping others?

Whether it’s having a little friendly competition or doing good deeds, always make sure incorporate your branding and message consistently. Exhibition stands are all about generating leads and attracting new people. Keep it light, informational, and interesting for everyone yet still in line with your brand!

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