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5 Steps to Launching an Effective Exhibition in Dubai

Trade shows and exhibitions are excellent ways to showcase your business, products, and services. It enables you to personally engage with your prospects and collect first-hand data. Dubai exhibition is a gold mine of opportunity, of reaching the right people at the right time.

However, with these events becoming a common—and often repetitive—occurrence, how can you take it to the next level yet still be effective and demonstrate ROI? Let’s take a look at the five steps to launching an effective exhibition.

  1. Planning for the exhibit

An exhibition can only be effective if a solid plan is in place. Thus, you need to plan for success. Before thinking about the booth’s design, consider first your strategy for the exhibition. Who are you targeting at the event? What is your purpose of taking part in the trade show? What is your budget? What are your objectives? What are the measurable goals? What will be your message at the exhibition? These are some of the things that you need to consider and include in your strategy.

  1. Setting up your metrics

Metrics are a fundamental part of any planned event. However, tracking the success of an exhibition isn’t always as clear as black and white. In fact, the sales that you’ve made at the event might not even reflect on the same day.

But this still does not diminish the importance of setting up your metrics. These will guide you towards your goals for the day and tell you how well the booth performed. Thus, it is paramount that you define what success is. Is it gathering a certain number of emails and contact details from your booth visitors? Is it social media engagement from the event? Understanding your goals and having metrics in place will not only tell you if you’ve had a return on your investment but also guide your future exhibitions plans.

  1. Designing the exhibition stands

Exhibition stands are not only meant to be creative. They are meant to send a message to guests and prospects about your business as well. Yes, your stand needs to turn heads and intrigue people but remember that it also needs to be a catalyst for conversations and sales conversion.

Essentially, there are three kinds of exhibition stands that businesses can utilize. These are:

  • Custom-built stands – Forget about the standard booths! Customized stands give you the freedom to design your booth in line with your business and products and help you stand out from the competition.
  • Modular stands – These are the more robust and adaptable exhibition stands. They allow designers to create captivating structures that are reusable for a range of events.
  • Portable stands – Once upon a time, this kind of exhibition stand was only available in pop-up styles. However, it has evolved to have more components such as graphic panels to create a modern, eye-catching design.
  1. Getting techy

Technology has greatly changed the way businesses and organizations present themselves at the Dubai exhibition. Quirky and entertaining tech is a great way to leverage your booth. The virtual and augmented reality, location-based beacons, and data automation are great ways to engage and involve visitors and attract newcomers.

  1. Finding the right partner

You need the right partner to help you bring your booths to life. Hox is one of Dubai leading exhibition stands providers. Our goal is to help you become a show-stopper and be the must-go booth at exhibits and trade shows. Hox has a stellar track record of the most unforgettable and award-winning exhibition stands in Dubai and the UAE.

The journey towards a successful exhibition is seldom straightforward and simple. There are obstacles, unplanned challenges, and strategic planning involved. But if you follow these steps and find the right production company to guide you, then you can look forward to a successful event every time!

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