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Looking for your ideal event partner? The solution is here.

Why you conduct events? There are various reasons. One of which is to wow your prospective clients so that they can understand the benchmark you set for yourself in every business-dealing and how professional you are in your entire effort to bring out the best value to the table.

And we understand that your event is the most important part of your value proposition that you use to fetch more clients and to enthral your existing clients.

So what would you do? There are so many things to take care of. From building the stage, crafting the best design, selecting the right venue, hiring the artists that will align with your mission to portray world class standards to photography and videography, there are so many things to take charge of. And if one thing is out of place, then the whole event would be losing its sync from complete customer satisfaction. And even going for separate vendors for each of the functions would also be cumbersome and expensive. Moreover, you don’t know what sort of quality they would provide you with.

The best bet? Hox! Here’s why.

  • Impeccable track record: We feel grateful to serve many, many clients till now and we feel proud of our track record. We have not only served individual clients, our services also have expanded to corporate and government agencies. So all you need to do is to decide what event you organize to create a mesmerizing experience for your clients or families (if you are a private client) and leave the rest to us. We have wowed many private clients by creating intimate gardens and by organizing thousands of weddings. We have also helped our corporate clients to launch their corporate events in the most gigantic manner. We may be the last piece you would need to have to create an impeccable event for your clients or near & dear ones. 
  • Paradox – jack of all trades, master of all: You may have heard the proverb that says “jack of all trades, master of none.” However, we are jack of all trades and master of all. There are few things for which we are able to reach this level of mastery.
  • First, we serve our people first. People are like plants and with proper nurturing they bring out the best value possible in their core field.
  • We believe in Japanese word “kaizen” which means continuous improvement. We are committed to improve our knowledge, skills, and happiness quotient of our customer day in and day out.
  • We are aware of our individual strengths and thus we are able to form team that complement each other in producing the best results for each event we facilitate in conducting.
  • We have set a benchmark for ourselves in terms of quality and service which we always want to go beyond.

You may wonder the above are the qualitative terms in regards to performing at the maximum level! What would be the quantitative metrics which can be measured in excellence and by consistent obedience to wowing your clients or/and family members. Here are they –

  • Stage & Set Production: You would agree that this is the corner stone of your event’s success. If done well, it will attract the most adoration and vice-versa. With great experience in design & developments of different sorts of stages and sets, we would create the most adorable stage for your event which would be perfectly aligned with the theme of the event.
  • Event Management An event has a lot of details to be take care of. And our expert team would be able to help you relax by taking over all the details on their shoulders. They will also ensure that the event management syncs with your unique tastes and preferences.
  • Wedding production: We have produced thousands and thousands of wedding events and always mesmerized our clients.
  • Branding, Theming & Décor:What you don’t say expresses so much that people may forget what you say. Means when you want to organize events, you don’t talk much about your brands. But the way you showcase your brand, design the theme of the event and adorn the décor around expresses a lot about who you are as a company. And we specialize in offering the best branding, theming & décor you would ever find under one umbrella.
  • Light and sound: Light and sound are spices of your events. To make full use of the delicacies, you need to know how much light and sound to use and where to showcase more and less of them. Leave these to us and you relax with the output.
  • Creative generalists: We are bunch of people who love to do a lot of things for clients. Thus when we organize events for our clients, we also think about the brand identity of our clients and how they want to represent theirs. When we adorn the décor for your events, we also ponder how to blend the right designs with the right themes. We are a team that understands customers’ tastes and preferences and equate our success with how much satisfaction our customers get.

We know that your events are something you are deeply passionate about because your events ultimately represent who you are as an individual or a business. And we want to take your events to its next level of class. This is our mission. This is our commitment.


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