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How to uplift your corporate event with Hox’s branding solutions?

Your corporate event is one of the most important things when it comes down to promoting your business, attracting new customers and wowing your existing ones. So your corporate event shouldn’t be dull and boring and it should convey the message you always wanted to give.

Your corporate event is an opportunity to deliver a strong message

In business, there are many opportunities where you get the chances to convey the message you want to convey to your potential customers. But rarely you get to organize an event where all your potential customers will arrive, all you existing clients will chime in and all your competitors will look at.

So it’s a great opportunity to deliver a strong message only your brand can deliver. You don’t need to know the value of your brand. Since you are in business, you know that how branding works and if you don’t value your branding, ultimately all you will get is lesser profits, fewer customers and a lot of unfulfilled goals that you have set for yourself in your indoor meetings.

What can you do to make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to deliver a strong message in your corporate event?

Here’s what you can do.

Things you can do at your corporate event to deliver a strong message about your brand

Now there are millions of things you can do if we make a list. But we need to pierce the noise and get back to few things that will give you the most results. Here is the deal. Only 20% of all your activities will deliver 80% of the results. So why not do only those things?

So, here are the things that come under 20% of activities that will help you bring in maximum results –

  • Exterior Signage: An exterior signage is not a show off. It’s a programming tool. By using it strategically you would be able to deliver the first message every individual would get while entering into your corporate event. It is this – “Look, we are important. We are committed. And here’s what we can do for you. Want to do business with us?” Now this message can be produced in many forms and you can as creative as you want. But the core thing is this – you need to tell every individual who you are, what you stand for and what you can do for them if they decide to do business with you.
  • Interior and office signage: Let’s say you enter into an event which has been happening in someone’s office. Now you see the external signage promising big things and when you enter into the office, there is no signage; there is nothing at all which can tell you about the corporate event and the offerings of the business. Would you perceive the business or the corporate event seriously? Of course not. Now let’s rotate the camera and let’s say you organize the business event and there is no internal signage. Would you create the necessary impact on the minds of individual who may become your next customer?
  • Point of sale units: Your corporate event is an opportunity to sell a bunch of products that you offer. Most businesses think about only the corporate event but they forget what they can do in the corporate event. So if you have organized a corporate event, it’s prudent that you create some point of sale units so that people can buy your products or services. Here’s the deal. You are inviting a lot of people to your office (in the form of corporate event) and then if you are not upselling them, you are wasting a glorious opportunity to create a brand for yourself and also squandering the chance to make huge profits.
  • Shop displays: Let’s say that you sell cartridge. And you have organized an event. And people are coming to you thinking that you are big deal from the outside signage. Now you are showing them your products. And there is no-one who can push the sales for you. Don’t you think you are not taking the opportunity at least to let your brand be public? The solution here is to create shop displays which will help you establish your brand in the minds of the potential customers and maybe they would like your products.
  • Digital Print Solutions: Every corporate event happens like this. It is being organized. People attend. They take a lot of pictures. They go home. And the next day they forget all about it. So what would you do to make longer impact about your brand? Simply you need to go for digital print solutions. Print out your corporate brochures, your product catalogues, your success stories and hand them over to all the individuals that attend your corporate event. At least 10% will like what you deliver and may contact you back.

Hox and its branding solutions

Now let’s say all of the above is being done by one single company without you thinking about it. Let’s say you can concentrate on building the best products, creating the most sophisticated experience for your customers and leaving all of branding stuff to one single company at a reasonable price. Won’t you grab the opportunity?

Outsourcing is a skill many entrepreneurs learn the hard way. Don’t be too late in it. Hox is the best in mixing branding with their world class design expertise. We are most passionate and we already have a healthy list of clients who come back to us again and again for their various needs.

If you have a corporate event, connect with us. We promise you that you don’t need to think about the branding twice.

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