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A Workplace that Works: The Impact of Your Office Design

Did you know that your office design can actually affect your business? It’s true. In fact, a good office design has been found to not only influence your team’s productivity but also impact moral and client engagement with your business.

“Visitors get a feel for your space the moment they enter,” Debra Duneier, a Feng Shui Master Practitioner said. So how exactly does your office design impact your team and clients? Let’s take a look!

It conveys your brand message.

Your office design actually says a lot about your company. When clients and visitors walk into your office, they take visual cues from the interior design. This includes everything from the furniture you have to its arrangement. Thus, it is paramount that you design your office to reflect your services and brand message.

It speaks about your core values.

Facebook’s headquarters is known for its open office space. Google has a playful and colorful office design. An open floor plan makes it easy for collaboration and transparency. Semi-private cubicles give team members a sense of privacy and help them avoid distractions. Ultimately, how you design your office space speaks volumes about your company’s core values and how your team operates.

It attracts new talents to come work for you.

Your office design tells prospective employees about the kind of company you are. A messy office with outdated furniture sends the message that your company doesn’t keep up with modern trends. If constantly updating your office design is too costly, try renting furniture to help you stay on top of design trends.

It affects your team’s productivity.

Perhaps one of the biggest things to consider when designing your office is how it will affect your team’s productivity. Though open-floor layouts are more common in offices these days, they do have downsides like collective noises and unwanted distractions. So next time you’re thinking about moving things around the office or redesigning it all together, consider how it will affect your employees and their productivity!

At the end of the day, how you design your office affects both the internal and external success of your business. If you’re thinking about redesigning your office, consider your objectives and goals as a company. Remember, employees who are happy with their work environment translate to positive outputs, increased productivity, and transmit positive feelings to your clients!

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