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Tips for Marketing Your Event Production Company in Dubai

It’s one thing to market an event. You set up and place ads to promote it and get as many people to visit. But how do you promote your event production company in a city like Dubai? Is it the same process? Of course not! It’s another ballgame altogether.

Marketing your events and your business require different skill sets and entail their own challenges and obstacles. We know it can be tough to know where to start. Trust us, we’ve been there! But today, to help you out, we’re sharing our five tips for marketing your event production company.

Know what makes your company different (and stick out like a sore thumb)

Running your own event production firm in Dubai is simultaneously exciting as it is daunting. In a metropolis like Dubai, you’ve got some stiff competition to rise above. So what sets you apart from the crowd?

Knowing what makes your company different will help you differentiate your company from others doing the same thing you are. Is it your style? Is it your out-of-the-box events? Is it your team? These are some of the things you need to know early on. Know the strengths that you have in your event production company that others don’t and capitalize on it!

Prove you’re worth the hire (and possible risk)

Ultimately, hiring an events production company is about trust. Clients aren’t buying a pair of shoes that they can simply pick out. For some, the surety of an event’s success can also mean risking their jobs.

You know you’re good at what you do and how to achieve your goals. But you need to prove it to your clients! Show them that you’re worth the hire and clear them of any doubts that they may have. Put your best foot forward and show them that you’re the best at your field. At the end of the day, no matter how frustrating the journey is, the end result of a successful event is all that matters.

Understand what you can and can’t do (and get the help you need)

Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (or SWOT as most of us know it), is a great practice to implement in your business. From the services you provide as an event production company to the people you have, it is paramount that you know your capacity and where you need help.

Taking the time to understand what you can do will give you a frame to work within. Essentially, it’s your structure as a business. Addressing what you can’t do will also assist you in finding the help you need and that’s not a bad thing! Understanding your weaknesses will help you grow as a company, too.


Build your relationships (and work towards solidifying it)

In a world where going viral can mean making or breaking it, there is nothing better than building and nurturing a relationship. This is especially true when gaining clients and scaling. In fact, think about hiring from the perspective of a client.

Hiring an event production company is not an impulse buy no matter what the budget is. In fact, a client may be canvassing and comparing proposals as they meet with you to know what you can bring to the table. So what can you do? Start a relationship and work towards solidifying it. You’ll want to be the first company that a client thinks of when an event comes up on their calendar!

Stay on people’s mind (and be consistent with it)

So the event is done and it was a success. The clients are happy and you’ve added one more win to your portfolio. What happens next? You try to stay on top of people’s minds.

From regular newsletters to catching up over a cup of coffee, it’s vital that you keep in touch with your clients and each person that you meet. That means adding every contact detail with the people you meet to your address book and staying connected. You’ll never know when they’ll need a team like yours and because you’re always (even virtually) present, you’ll popup in their thoughts!

Marking your event production company is no easy feat. It takes a lot of hard work, skills, heart, and passion to truly grow your clientele. But with the right mindset and attitude, marketing your event production businesswill become as easy as breathing, a second nature!

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